The Envelope Print Edition November 16

Leonardo DiCaprio investigates J. Edgar Hoover in 'J. Edgar'

Leonardo DiCaprio was fascinated enough by J. Edgar Hoover to lower his usual fee to play the longtime FBI director in Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar.'

Camera Ready: Emma Stone sets just the right tone

Emma Stone is always red-carpet ready, whether in black and white or red and fuchsia.

Born on Broadway isn't a sure pedigree

Films adapted from plays come with instant recognition, but their track record at the Oscars isn't the best. This year may be different, though, with 'Carnage,' 'War Horse,' 'Ides of March' and 'A Dangerous Method' on early lists.

Jill Taylor talks about dressing the character of Marilyn Monroe

Actress Michelle Williams also did her homework and the two tried to capture the iconic star's off-camera look.