'Sharknado' sequel gets a title via Twitter contest, and it's ...

'Sharknado' sequel gets a title via Twitter contest, and it's ...
Ian Ziering takes on a flying shark in "Sharknado." (SyFy)

Sorry, "Sharkalanche" and "Wizard of Jaws."

Syfy has chosen the title for the sequel to its viral original film "Sharknado" from submissions on Twitter, and the winner is both silly and relatively mundane: "Sharknado 2: The Second One." There were about 5,000 submissions. 

It's no surprise that Syfy would turn to social media for the sequel title. The original broadcast of the campy horror film, starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid battling a torrent of CGI sharks in Los Angeles, generated about 5,000 tweets a minute at its peak

The social media frenzy didn't translate to especially stellar ratings, but that didn't stop Syfy from quickly announcing a sequel and midnight showings of the first one at more than 200 movie theaters.

"Since Twitter played such a huge role in the success of the original movie, we wanted to use that platform to ask our fans to name Sharknado 2," said Thomas Vitale, Syfy's executive vice president of programming and original movies, in a statement.

"The Second One," to be produced by the Asylum and aired in July next year, will be set in New York City.


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