Exclusive clip: Sigourney Weaver reveals stellar maniacal laugh in 'Penn Zero'

Sigourney Weaver, supervillain? Watch her laugh it up diabolically in Disney XD's 'Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero'

Sigourney Weaver is a hero to many for her role in the "Aliens," "Ghostbusters" and "Avatar" franchises, but she goes the supervillain route in an animated role for Disney XD's "Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero."

The Academy and Emmy Award nominee will be Lady Starblaster in the "Lady Starblaster / Amber" episode of "Penn Zero" that airs at 8 p.m. Monday on Disney XD.

Rippen, the main villain voiced by Alfred Molina, falls hopelessly in love with Lady Starblaster after he discovers a mutual passion for villainous deeds. Turns out nefarious minds think alike, and they've both devised a similar diabolical plan to pinch an alien planet's supply of water. 

In the exclusive clip above, Lady Starblaster reveals her evil plan while managing to slip in a little bit of fiendish flirting with the "skunk-monster" villain.

"Penn Zero" centers on a regular kid (voiced by “Silicon Valley’s” Thomas Middleditch) who sets out to follow in the footsteps of his part-time heroic parents, who are were trapped in an alternate dimension called the Most Dangerous World Imaginable. Along with his friends Sashi Kobayashi (voiced by Tania Gunadi) and Boone (voiced by Adam DeVine), Penn is transported — via a souped-up movie projector in an old theater called the Odyssey — to other worlds in order to save them from destruction. 

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