Thor is still the worst roommate in new 'Team Thor' short

Thor is still the worst roommate in new 'Team Thor' short
Watch more Thor and Darryl in "Team Thor: Part 2."

Thor may have what it takes to wield Mjolnir, but he definitely is not worthy enough to be anybody’s roommate. 

Marvel has released a teaser for the next installment of “Team Thor” and with it fans get another glimpse inside roommate Darryl’s woes: trying to get an Asgardian god of thunder to pay rent. 

Thor, sporting a casual ensemble consisting of board shorts and a cloak, thinks Asgardian coins and a pumpkin are the proper currency to pay his share of rent.

The video is just a teaser for the full short, which is packaged with the “Doctor Strange” home theater release. 

The pumpkin and coins may be familiar to fans who have been keeping up with “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi (known for his comedy work on “What We Do in the Shadows”) on social media. Last month Waititi shared an image revealing Thor’s affinity for gourds (and Waititi’s affinity for puns) on Instagram.

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Darryl, of course, was first introduced in the mockumentary-style “Team Thor” short that debuted at Comic-Con. Directed by Waititi, the video both teased what Thor was up to while his friends were butting heads in “Captain America: Civil War” — since he wasn’t called upon to join “Team Ironman” or “Team Captain America,” he created his own team. 

Meet Darryl in the first "Team Thor" short.

Waititi’s social media feeds as well as these “Team Thor” shorts are a welcome bit of levity with things getting a little grim in the Avengers’ corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The director has previously mentioned that the upcoming film will have an ’80s vibe as well as a “Taika-eque” tone to it (and that he ignored that there were previous “Thor” movies), so fans can hope that “Ragnarok” will be unlike any other previous MCU film. 

“Thor: Ragnarok” is scheduled to hit theaters Nov. 3.

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