You're all saying Voldemort wrong

According to J.K. Rowling, we've all been living a lie. We've been pronouncing Lord Voldemort's name wrong for years.

Thank you "Harry Potter" films. 

On Twitter, where the world of "Harry Potter" lives on thanks to the author's tweets that reveal tidbits about her characters' continuing lives, Rowling confirmed that the T in Voldemort is in fact silent.

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Fans will remember that the Dark Lord's alias is actually from an anagram of his birth name Tom Marvolo Riddle (which scrambles into "I am Lord Voldemort"). The T in Tom is not affected by this new revelation.

Granted, apparently this is not news at all, according to Lord Voldemort's twitter.

If it's any consolation, most of the wizarding world was calling He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named You-Know-Who for years, so we should at least get credit for not fearing his name.

However the news does make us wish for a pronunciation lesson from Hermione.

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