Erykah Badu pranks reporter on live broadcast

Erykah Badu attempts to kiss reporter on live TV

Throughout her accomplished career as an actress, activist and singer, Erykah Badu has earned a wide range of admirers. But her recent antics late Friday afternoon may leave fans puzzled.

While reporter Mario Diaz was in Midtown Manhattan covering Shia LaBouef’s recent arrest, Badu moseyed into the frame and began a string of baffling maneuvers (warning: link contains obscene gesture).

After passing Diaz with a cheesy grin, Badu stopped alongside the Pix 11 reporter and opened up her coat, showed off her colorful shirt, and mouthed an undecipherable phrase. For reasons unknown, this was followed by a sexual hand gesture.

Seemingly unwilling to stop there, Badu made her way toward Diaz with outstretched arms and attempted to kiss him. Her attempt was swiftly met with a Heisman-like stiff-arm from Diaz.

Fans quickly went on Twitter after seeing the live broadcast and confronted Badu, tweeting clips of it at her. After first replying “nope” to a fan questioning if it was her, the 43-year-old eventually apologized to Diaz.

Diaz was a good sport about the prank, though. He responded to the short apologetic tweet with lyrics from “Kiss” by Prince: “@fatbellybella I get it because... "Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with I just want your extra time and your..... kiss"”

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