Jon Hopkins to score 'Hamlet' production starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Jon Hopkins has contributed music for a new production of 'Hamlet' in London.

Is Jon Hopkins quietly becoming one of the most influential musicians in England?

Just take a look at the producer/arranger's CV — frequent Brian Eno collaborator, Coldplay's go-to source for electronic production, upcoming Coachella must-see.

Now add to that list "scoring live Shakespeare starring Benedict Cumberbatch."

Hopkins noted Friday morning that he's contributed music for a new production of "Hamlet," directed by Lyndsey Turner and starring everyone's favorite mystery solving, Enigma-cracking actor. The play runs Aug. 5 to Oct. 31 at London's Barbican.

It's not yet clear from the credits if Hopkins will be performing or conducting the score live, or if the play will involve pre-recorded tracks (we've reached out to his reps and will update accordingly). But for fans of moody British music, this could be the hottest ticket since Kate Bush's return tour.

"For me there always needs to be a narrative element in music," Hopkins said, to The Times last year, "so it isn't just a functional thing to keep people up all night in some messed-up state."

Now he was one of the English language's finest narratives ever written to go on (although to be fair, everyone in the play ends in a pretty messed-up state as well)

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