Optical illusions power OK Go's new clip for 'Writing's on the Wall'

New OK Go video may make you googly-eyed or wonder whether your husband laced your waffles

Those who have yet to fully consume your morning caffeine, beware: The music video below may make you googly-eyed or prompt concern that you’re still dreaming -- or that your husband has laced your waffles.

You are awake and not tripping. The new video by OK Go, whose acclaimed and oft-viral work is the band’s calling card, has arrived, and it’s a glory to behold.

That’s saying something. With each new clip, skepticism that the Los Angeles-based band will top earlier creations grows. From their first viral video, a single-shot stunt for "Here It Goes Again" that saw the four members groove through a wildly inventive dance routine on treadmills, they have coupled catchy, guitar-based power pop with fantastic visuals.

The new one is for a New Order-suggestive track called “The Writing’s on the Wall,” from their album “Hungry Ghosts,” which is due out in the fall.

Directed by Aaron Duffy, OK Go's Damian Kulash and Bob Partington, the work also is created with a single shot, one that takes place in perfectly crafted warehouse space and sees the quartet move through ridiculously imagined optical illusions and visual maneuvers. It’s so magnetic that to describe it seems useless. Watch it above instead. Then watch it again.

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