With Adele's 'forthcoming album,' sometimes no news is the news

News of a new Adele record is quickly dismissed by her label

When discussing Adele’s rumored new album, one that’s likely to be the most anticipated follow-up of the decade, sometimes no news is actually reportable news. (Most of the time, it’s not.)

The British singer, whose multi-platinum, Grammy-winning 2011 album “21” made her an international superstar, has been the subject of online buzz in recent days due to a misinformed, since-deleted Twitter message posted by a dubiously sourced entity called the World Music Awards. The tweet, which announced an album release in 2015, set Twitter ablaze.

Part of what propelled the speculation was that in May, Adele had posted a photo of herself on Twitter with a cryptic message that seemed to confirm something happening later in 2014. Writing just after her 26th birthday, she tweeted, “Bye bye 25... See you again later in the year x."

Wednesday’s buzz, though, was quickly shot down by Martin Mills, chairman of the Beggars Group, which owns Adele’s label, XL Recordings. As reported by Billboard, Mills said there was “no truth in this.”

Pop & Hiss will keep you posted should Adele pull a Beyonce and suddenly release a record minus massive fanfare. 

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