Tracey Lien

Tracey Lien is a business reporter for the Los Angeles Times working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She covers Silicon Valley and the technology industry, with a focus on how they affect regular ol’ people. A Sydney native, she moved to the U.S. because the servings are bigger. She enjoys perpetuating lies about Australian animals, specifically drop bears and boxing kangaroos.
Uber begins a push to get its drivers into electric cars

As Uber tries to build its reputation as a good citizen, it’s unveiling a new plan: Get its drivers to adopt electric vehicles instead of driving cars that burn gasoline.

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John Choi's journey from tax auditing to running 'man cave' grooming salons

John Choi is the CEO of Hammer & Nails, a chain of male grooming salons that specializes in manicures, pedicures, barbering and straight razor shaves. But he started as a California tax auditor. This is how his career path unfolded.