Tracey Lien

Tracey Lien is a business reporter for the Los Angeles Times working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She covers Silicon Valley and the technology industry, with a focus on how they affect regular ol’ people. A Sydney native, she moved to the U.S. because the servings are bigger. She enjoys perpetuating lies about Australian animals, specifically drop bears and boxing kangaroos.
Trabajaron en Apple, Amazon y Lyft. Ahora están trabajando para que la marihuana alcance otro nivel

Las agencias de diseño y los consultores que una vez trabajaron para clientes de tecnología colaboran cada vez más con compañías relacionadas con el cannabis.

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They worked at Apple, Amazon and Lyft. Now they're working to get you stoned

Tech workers are leaving Amazon, Yelp, Electronic Arts and Lyft for the new frontier: Cannabis.