Dust-Up: Dog advocates unleashed

PetPAC founder Bill Hemby and Daniel Guss, founder of Stop Torture Abuse & Neglect of Dogs, debate California's stymied "California Healthy Pets Act," pit-bull deprogramming, muscle-dog culture and more.

  • Declaration of the rights of dog

    Do dogs have any rights as we understand them? If so, do they precede the property rights of humans? Bill Hemby and Daniel Guss conclude their debate over California’s kaninekulturkampf.

  • Cooped-up curs

    Is there such a thing as a dog that can live comfortably in an apartment? Where should dogs be allowed to go off-leash? Dedicated parks? The wilderness? The beach? All this week, Bill Hemby and Daniel Guss debate California’s kaninekulturkampf.

  • When Lassie gets loud

    Many if not most neighborhoods in L.A. are troubled by barking or threatening dogs. What legal recourse do neighbors have in cases like these? What does responsible social etiquette call for? William Hemby and Daniel Guss continue their debate on California’s kaninekulturkampf.

  • Pit-bull paranoia?

    Ed Boks, the general manager of L.A. Animal Services, wants a training academy to tame dangerous pit bulls so they won’t have to be killed. Are efforts like these inspired and humane, or do they misunderstand the nature of these animals? All this week, Bill Hemby and Daniel Guss debate California’s...

  • Dog advocates unleashed

    There's wide agreement that most dogs should be spayed and neutered. But who should make that decision ­-- the state, the city, the owners, a selected kind of owner or the dog itself? All this week, Bill Hemby and Daniel Guss debate California's kaninekulturkampf.

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