Feminism in the time of Hillary

Authors Katha Pollitt and Amanda Marcotte discuss the status of modern feminism in presidential politics, pop culture and the non-Western world.

  • Pop culture: empowering women or stereotypes?

    Amanda Marcotte sees a troubling trend in recent comedies that take women's intrinsic yearning for motherhood for granted. Katha Pollitt wants to see fewer movies centered on yearning mothers and more on inspiring heroines.

  • A feminist house divided?

    Katha Pollitt says the 'second vs. third wave' gap is overblown, though older feminist organizations need to change to survive. Amanda Marcotte says larger organizations need to support smaller ones without wresting control from younger feminists.

  • Checking in on feminism overseas

    Amanda Marcotte says the backlash against feminism in the U.S. appreciably hurts women in developing nations. Katha Pollitt replies that this country still has much to learn from others that have made more progress on equality.

  • The state of the glass ceiling

    Katha Pollitt says women are too often blamed for a lack of collective ambition. Amanda Marcotte says women need to address everyday, systematic discrimination to achieve equality.

  • Obama and Clinton, race and gender

    Amanda Marcotte says the Clinton-Obama contest saw too many feminists resort to racial and sexist tropes to support their candidates. Katha Pollitt blames partisans and the media for stoking the furor over race and gender.

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