Cassini's Grand Finale

Cassini, the NASA spacecraft that expanded the search for life beyond Earth, dies in Saturn’s sky

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which spent 13 years opening our eyes to the wonders of Saturn, disintegrated Friday morning in the skies above the ringed planet.

See Enceladus set behind Saturn and Cassini's last view of the ringed planet

Cassini captured 453,048 images of Saturn. These were some of its last views.

Cassini plunges to its death at Saturn, and humanity says goodbye

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has burned up in the Saturnian sky. Scientists and engineers on Earth react to receiving its final signal.

As NASA’s Cassini mission flames out over Saturn, scientists mark bittersweet end of mission

The scientists and engineers who worked on Cassini over the decades bid their spaceship farewell with tears and a vow to return to Saturn.

Epic storms, new moons and worlds that might host life: Here are Cassini's greatest discoveries

So long Cassini, and thanks for all the science. Here are highlights of NASA's 13-year-long mission at Saturn.

'OK. Let’s do it!' An oral history of how NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn came to be

The Cassini mission has been an unequivocal success — but its fate was not always certain. This is the story of how it got off the ground, told by the people who were there.

Check out Cassini’s jaw-dropping discoveries of Saturn’s moons

Some of the most important scientific discoveries to emerge from NASA's Cassini mission to Saturn involve not the planet itself but its many moons. Here's some of what we learned.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft nears a fiery, brutal end, when it will plunge into Saturn

After 13 years of observing Saturn, its rings and its myriad moons, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is less than three weeks away from a fiery, brutal end.

After 13 years at Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is ready for its grand finale

What do you do with a 20-year-old spacecraft that has spent 13 years orbiting Saturn, logged 4.1 billion miles in space and is about to run out of fuel?

Fly through Saturn's rings with Cassini — while it still can

Even in its final dives around Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is still sending us remarkable new views of this gorgeous gas giant.

Spacecraft Cassini's first pass between Saturn and its rings goes flawlessly

Great news for Cassini fans: The NASA spacecraft sent word that it successfully completed its first pass through the uncharted territory between Saturn and its rings.

Here's the nothingness Cassini heard as it flew through the empty space between Saturn and its rings

What lies in the narrow gap between Saturn and its rings? According to new data from Cassini, the answer is — not much!

Fly along with Cassini: New video gives you a passenger’s eye view of Saturn

One day our human descendants may be able to go sightseeing in the glorious Saturn system. Until then, we have Cassini.