Paul Logan and Christina Cavallero

Paul Logan loves to spring surprises on Christina Cavallero — even when they don’t quite live up to the hype. But one really big surprise was that Logan — an acquaintance who crashed on her couch — turned out to be the love of her life.

They met four years ago, when Logan worked for VH1 in New York and Cavallero was with a rock ’n’ roll art gallery in L.A.  That fall, Logan transferred to L.A. and called Cavallero before he had a place to stay, so she offered her couch for a few days.

“He was a lot cuter than I remembered,” she said.  He got even cuter when he showed up with two tickets to see a Dave Matthews concert. It was the start of a romance.  

On May 19, 2010, Logan staged his biggest surprise yet, at Malibu Wines. The Canyon Blues Band was playing, and they agreed to help Logan out by asking for a volunteer to play guitar. Logan got onstage and proposed to cheers from the audience.

Cavallero, 28, is now an administrative assistant at Given & Company, and Logan, 27, is a music coordinator at VH1. They were married June 25 at Cabo Azul Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, in front of 97 guests.

“All our work had finally come together in this big, amazing, beautiful wedding,” said Logan. “It goes by in a heartbeat.”
                                                                                   —Maxine Nunes, Custom Publishing Writer


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