L.A. is third when it comes to people with lots and lots of money

California has 13,455 extremely wealthy residents, a new survey finds

Los Angeles has 5,135 people who are swimming in money.

In a new survey that charts the population of the ultra rich, San Francisco beat L.A. with 5,460 residents who have $30 million or more in net assets. 

The annual survey, from research firm Wealth-X and Swiss banking giant UBS, shows the U.S. with an ultra-rich population of 69,560.  California has 13,455 extremely wealthy residents.

"San Francisco overtook Los Angeles ... indicating the growing importance of the city as a hub not only for technology entrepreneurs, but as a center of wealth accumulation," according to the survey. 

The leader remains New York, however, with 8,655 uber-wealthy people.

"If New York City were a country," the survey said, "it would be the seventh-largest country in terms of [ultra-rich] population size."

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