CHP requests charges against Steve-O in anti-SeaWorld sign stunt

The California Highway Patrol has requested criminal charges be filed against entertainer Steve-O for defacing a San Diego freeway sign as part of an anti-SeaWorld stunt.

Steve-O, whose full name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover, posted a YouTube video last month showing him climbing up the freeway sign to attach the word "SUCKS'' after the words "SEA WORLD."


The incident occurred on May 25, but the culprit's identity had remained a mystery until the video was posted, which showed him making prior attempts over the course of two days before succeeding. Several people can be seen helping but their identities are not revealed.

When the stunt was noticed, crews from the California Department of Transportation removed the offending word from sign on the 5 Freeway, which had been taped over the word "DRIVE."

In a statement released Thursday, the CHP said that it had recommended charges of vandalism and trespassing to the San Diego County district attorney's office, which will make the decision on whether to file.

Steve-O, 40, is known as a stunt performer, comedian and television personality. He has starred in the TV series "Jackass" and related movies.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- which has long been critical of SeaWorld -- has agreed to pay any fine assessed against the entertainer.

"Steve-O isn't the only one who realizes that SeaWorld sucks, and the highway sign needs to come down," said PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange.

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