Tesla Cybertruck offroading on California beach ends with a glitch

A Tesla Cybertruck.
One of Tesla’s futuristic Cybertrucks on display in Buena Park last year.
(Richard Vogel / Associated Press)

Tesla describes its Cybertruck as a durable and rugged vehicle that can go anywhere, but one Nevada man learned this week that’s not always the case after his truck became stuck on a state beach in Monterey County.

The incident occurred on Monday at Marina State Beach when the owner of the Cybertruck drove over a curb and sidewalk and past a posted sign stating “no vehicles on beach or dunes,” according to Douglas Johnson, information officer with the California State Parks.

“The Cybertruck soon got stuck,” he said. “With assistance from the Marina Fire Department the vehicle was able to get out by releasing air from the tires.”


Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, the truck’s manufacturer, joked that the valet at the hotel probably didn’t expect the truck to have so much power.

March 4, 2024

KSBW Action News 8 posted a video on its TikTok account. The video was taken by a woman at the beach and shows a state park officer talking to three men near the Cybertruck. In the video the woman and others laugh as the men push the truck out of the beach. Johnson said the driver was fined $280.

The incident happened just a day after a Tesla Cybertruck crashed into the front sign of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday night, prompting social media responses from the hotel and Tesla founder Elon Musk.

A user of X, formerly Twitter, had joked in a post that the hotel valet had crashed his friend’s Cybertruck. Musk responded to the post: “Cyberbeast is faster than a Porsche 911, but looks like a truck, so perhaps the valet wasn’t expecting so much acceleration.”

The posts prompted the hotel to clarify that the hotel’s valet was not involved in the incident.