9 teens injured at house party shooting in Vallejo

Eight teenagers were shot and another injured early Sunday after a shooting during a house party in Vallejo, police said.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting in the 100 block of Calhoun Street just after midnight, Vallejo Police Lt. Kevin Bartlett said. About 30 people, mostly teenagers, were at the house party, he said.

Many were standing outside the home waiting for rides or getting ready to leave when two suspects in masks came up to the crowd and started shooting. The pair then jumped into a brown sedan and fled the scene.

Of the nine people injured, five were transported to a local hospital and three were taken to a trauma center. The victim who was hurt but not shot was either trampled or run over by a car, Bartlett said.

All the victims were minors; the youngest is 13, he said.

The shooting is still under investigation.


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