Southern California Moments

Southern California Moments Your photos from around the Southland and beyond
Lights of the city

On her first visit to LACMA, Shaneka Johnson captured this photo of the Urban Lights to show them from a unique perspective. 

"You see tons of photos taken from inside the Urban Lights sculpture but hardly any from across the street," she said. "With this one, I wanted to be different."

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At the port

Sal Favata captured this image in Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, after making his way up from Corona del Mar. "I was awestruck by the monumental industrial apparatus of the Port of Los Angeles silhouetted in the background," he said. "It felt apocalyptic."

He climbed atop a jetty and waited for the sun to drop.

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Supermoon lunar eclipse over Lake Los Angeles

Lynn Longos traveled with three friends to the Lake Los Angeles area, about 10 miles east of Lancaster, to photograph the Sept. 27 supermoon lunar eclipse.

"We had a small window to actually shoot the moon since it disappeared into the clouds for a long while," she said.

For more of Longos' photos, visit her Flickr page.

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Farewell, summer

When at the fair, you can’t go wrong with a picture of a Ferris wheel.

Sabrina Rodriguez knew the moment she walked through the gates, she was going to snap a picture of it. Then around 6 p.m., the sky turned dark and soft and that was when it felt right. Rodriguez found it challenging, as she was positioned nearly under the grand round machine. And the palm trees were a must to layer the photograph.

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Transplant bliss

Photographer Jim Newberry and Melissa Young, both originally from Chicago, now live in Los Angeles.

They have worked together several times over the years, most recently in early September when Newberry was shooting promotional images for Young, who is a local recording artist. The featured image is from their photo shoot that day, which was just off Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake.

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Backyard playtime for bobcat kittens

Bill Halladay is accustomed to wild visitors in his yard.

His yard, designed to be bird-friendly, frequently sees a Cooper's hawk and a pin-tailed whydah come around. The regulars also include hummingbirds, black phoebes, nutmeg mannikins and hooded orioles. But last week, he received some not-so-regular guests: a family of bobcats.

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