Catching fish, and a dramatic scene, off Anacapa

On a fishing boat off the coast of Oxnard, Lenny Lloyd da Silva caught this image of  a backlit Anacapa Island against the Pacific.

"It looks almost like a volcano just jutting out of the sea. It could be anywhere in the world but what's cool is it's right in our backyard," Da Silva, of South Pasadena, said.

Da Silva often fishes in the area, but views of the island vary depending on the time of year — during the "early spring and fall it gets pretty dramatic visually out there," he said.

The boat lover was also pleased to have a seiner fishing vessel cruising by in the frame.

"It shows that it's a working boat, a guy out at sea trying to earn a living. Occasionally nature gives you that," he said. "It was just a beautiful day and I was happy to catch it."

Da Silva used a Nikon D3100 to catch the image and a reel and rod to catch some yellowtail and bass.

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