Bookstore 'Batman'

While shopping at Alias Bookstore in Atwater Village, David Patrick Valera noticed a dark figure brooding in the shadows, feet swinging in and out of the light.

The figure turned its cowled head toward Valera, and he realized it was a child in a Batman costume wearing sunglasses. Without any crime to fight, the young Caped Crusader looked bored as he waited for his parents, who were inside the store.

Valera waited until the youngster swung his head back in shadow before shooting a few frames. "That gave a bit of mystery to the photo. I was delighted he turned toward me, creating the overall shape of the bat head," he said. "I knew I had my keeper for the day."

To make the photo, Valera used a Ricoh GR, which he keeps with him in case of such superhero sightings.

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