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Donald Trump stops in Chester Township, Pa., Thursday for a rally in the battleground state. Hillary Clinton maintains a lighter schedule heading into the first debate next week.

  • Donald Trump faces his first questions over controversies involving his foundation and "birther" comments
  • Mike Pence says there's "far too much talk" about racism and policing.
  • Trump wants to expand stop-and-frisk policies despite concerns that the policies are racially discriminatory
  • Meanwhile, Trump orders a cheese steak from a Philadelphia restaurant with controverisal past
  • Hillary Clinton wonders, "Why aren't I 50 points ahead, you might ask?"

Where's Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump insists she's 'sleeping'

 (Mark Wilson / Getty Images)
(Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

As he traversed Pennsylvania on Thursday, Donald Trump offered, as he has several times this week, an assessment on the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton.

"Where is Hillary today? ... Well, they say she's practicing for the debate. Some people think she's sleeping," he said at a rally outside Philadelphia.

Trump has questioned Clinton's stamina on the campaign trail, even before she was forced to take several days off this month to recover from pneumonia. On Thursday, he used Clinton’s illness to raise money.

Aides to Clinton, who held no public events Thursday, indicated the Democratic nominee was using the day to prepare for Monday's debate with Trump. Her campaign said, however, that she spoke with officials in Charlotte, N.C., where violent protests continue after the police shooting of a black man.

At his rally Thursday night, Trump blamed the Democratic nominee for contributing to the current unrest and portrayed her as an elitist out of touch with the concerns of "forgotten Americans."

"Hillary Clinton doesn't have to worry about the sirens and the gunshots at night," Trump said. "No, she's sleeping."

On Tuesday, Clinton also had a light schedule as she went through debate preparations, leading Trump to mock her, saying she needs "rest" ahead of the debate.

"Sleep well," he wrote in a tweet. 

Asked Thursday about his own preparation ahead of the debate with Clinton, Trump said simply, "It's going great," while ordering cheesesteaks in south Philadelphia. 

He added: "I'm here at Geno's. Unbelievable."

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