Hillary Clinton widens her supporter base while Donald Trump narrows his, a poll analysis shows.

New poll analysis finds a wasted summer for Donald Trump and a boost for Hillary Clinton

 (John Ehlke / West Bend Daily News)
(John Ehlke / West Bend Daily News)

The last six weeks have been a time of tumult in the presidential campaign — two conventions and a fistful of controversies, many of them created by Republican nominee Donald Trump himself.

With the campaign moving toward a final general election sprint, Trump finds himself in a dangerous place. He has narrowed his support to a segment of the electorate, and curbed his own momentum, according to an analysis of six weeks of findings in the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times presidential tracking poll.

Over the same period, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has built support — even among groups previously arrayed against her — into demonstrable advantages.

The poll was first published July 10 and is in its seventh week. The analysis covered the six full weeks, and thus did not chart any effect from Trump’s high-profile speeches this week, or his midweek decision to shake up his campaign’s leadership.

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