The emails show how the lines between the foundation and State Department were blurred while Clinton was secretary of State.

Bill Clinton says he will leave Clinton Foundation if Hillary is elected president

 (Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

Bill Clinton will step down from the board of the family's namesake foundation if Hillary Clinton is elected president, he announced Monday.

In an open letter, Clinton wrote that if his wife wins the election, he would stop fundraising for the Clinton Foundation and that the foundation would only accept donations from U.S. citizens.

"Since Hillary began her presidential campaign in 2015, Chelsea and I have made it clear that the work the Clinton Foundation started should continue if Hillary is elected, but that changes would be necessary," he wrote. "While it would be presumptive to assume a victory in November, now that Hillary is her party’s nominee, it would be irresponsible not to plan for it."

The foundation relies on the Clinton's vast network of connections to fund charitable work in the developing world, but it has come under scrutiny during the presidential race over questions about possible ties between donors and activities at the the State Department under Clinton.

The letter comes as Donald Trump repeated his call for the foundation to be shut down and return the donations it took from foreigners and governments outside the U.S.

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