Trump’s team: A network of ties to Russia

Campaign events for each candidate slow Friday as the teams prep for the first presidential debate.

  • Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump despite their bitter primary battle
  • Here's how the candidates are preparing for Monday's debate
  • Trump insists Hillary Clinton is "sleeping" instead of campaigning
  • Mike Pence says there's "far too much talk" about racism and policing.
  • Trump still faces an uphill battle to a win, even with swing states in which he and Clinton are tied

Hillary Clinton will visit Charlotte on Sunday

 (Sean Rayford / Getty Images)
(Sean Rayford / Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton is heading to the North Carolina city that has been rocked by protests after police shot and killed a black man this week. 

However, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts told CNN late Friday it would be ideal if Clinton and Donald Trump could delay any visits as the city deals with the unrest. 

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