One day before the election, Donald Trump campaigns in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan. Hillary Clinton goes to Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina.

Trump's closing argument: The U.S. is 'the laughingstock of the world'

 (Chris O'Meara / Associated Press)
(Chris O'Meara / Associated Press)

Donald Trump called the U.S. "the laughingstock of the world" on Monday as he bemoaned what he called a "rigged" political system on the eve of the presidential election.

"It's time to reject the political and media elite that's bled our country dry," Trump told a few thousand supporters at a rally here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

The election Tuesday "will decide whether we are ruled by a corrupt political class," Trump said.

"I'm not a politician," he said. "My only special interest is you."

Trump also suggested the FBI's closing of its investigation of Hillary Clinton's email was a disgrace.

"Our country is a laughingstock," he said. "All over the world, they're laughing."

Trump's Florida rally was the first of five on his final dash across battleground states crucial to his quest for the presidency. Trump planned to hit North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan before returning home to New York after midnight.

His running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, was slated to join Trump at a stop Monday night in Manchester, N.H. Pence will also appear with Trump at a final late-night rally in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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