Hillary Clinton castigates Donald Trump's campaign as 'one large insult to those who have worn the uniform'

  • Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona continues to battle Trump
  • Michelle Obama to make fall campaign debut Sept. 16 for Clinton
  • Green Party candidate Jill Stein tweets, then deletes, missive about Clinton's health

We've updated our Electoral College map: What's new?

 (Kyle Kim / Los Angeles Times)
(Kyle Kim / Los Angeles Times)

We've updated our electoral map.

You can see the old map above. The new one is here.

As you can see, not much has changed since we updated the map in early August -- just one state, in fact.

We previously had New Hampshire listed as a tossup. We've moved the state into the Favors Democrats category after five polls in the past month, using different methodologies, showed Hillary Clinton leading by between six and 15 percentage points.

Overall, our map currently gives Clinton 279 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 191. Winning the White House requires 270.

Four states with 68 electoral votes still seem truly to merit the tossup label: Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. To win the White House, Trump would have to carry all four and pull one or more of Clinton's states into his column.

Right now, polling averages show Clinton leading in three of the four, though by small margins. The two candidates are virtually tied in Iowa.

The map is interactive, so you can check out as many electoral scenarios as you like

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