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Sen. Dianne Feinstein just gave an extremely heavy hint about her 2018 plans

 (Mark Wilson / Getty Images)
(Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) hasn’t announced yet whether she’ll run for reelection in 2018, but she gave a very strong indication that she wants to in an interview with Northern California’s KQED on Wednesday.

Feinstein, who at 83 is the oldest member of the Senate, has been coy on her plans, and news that she had a pacemaker installed last week reignited speculation about whether she will pursue another term.

Feinstein was asked by reporter Scott Shafer if she had made up her mind about seeking another term in the Senate, to which she replied, “No. I will, but I haven’t right at the moment.”

Her staff called that the “operative exchange” of the interview, but the rest is below so you can make up your mind:

“What I’ve said is, as long as I feel I can get things done, and I can, then I think I benefit the people of my state as opposed to someone new coming in. That, I realize is in anyone’s mind is different, but you asked me what I think. If I can produce, and I can produce, and I can continue to produce, then I will continue to produce. If I believe I can’t, either by health or any other way, I won’t, but as long as I believe I can, I will,” Feinstein said. “Is that pretty clear?”

“It’s clear and to me it sounds like you’re ready to run for reelection,” Shafer responded.

“Well, that’s sort of true,” she said. “I’ll make it formal at an appropriate time.”

Listen to the audio:

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