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  • Anaheim police made several arrests after the rally concluded
  • Early in the day, police outnumbered the protesters
  • Trump's event is in the same location Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigned Tuesday, just across the street from Disneyland.
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Anti-illegal-immigration group the Remembrance Project out again to support Trump

Speaking ahead of Donald Trump at his Anaheim rally was the Texas-based group the Remembrance Project, which also appeared onstage with the Republican presidential candidate at his Costa Mesa rally in April .

The nonprofit, which according to its website has been operating since 2009, bills itself as a group of "advocates for families whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens." The group is led by conservative activist and former Texas congressional candidate Maria Espinoza, who told the Riverside Press-Enterprise at an event this month that Trump "is a listener" and was the only one of the Republican presidential candidates to speak with members of the Remembrance Project.

The group wrote an open letter to the GOP candidates in March, writing in part:

"Violent illegal alien crimes, especially crimes resulting in the killings of American citizens, are like none other in our system of legal justice. In every case, the perpetrator was in the country illegally, enabled by a government unwilling to protect our nation’s border and enforce current laws. We are aware that not all candidates have clearly promised to secure the borders, however, there is some very important unfinished American family business that urgently needs your attention."

Espinoza told the Press-Enterprise that Trump was receptive to her group's message.

"Leaning forward, he listened intently as our families, one after another, told him thank you for speaking out," she told the newspaper.

As they did for Trump's April rally, Espinoza's group came with banners depicting victims of crimes allegedly perpetrated by immigrants in the U.S. illegally, part of an initiative called "The Stolen Lives Quilt."

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