Byron Scott quiet on trade deadline, deferring to GM Mitch Kupchak

Byron Scott quiet on trade deadline, deferring to GM Mitch Kupchak
Lakers Coach Byron Scott looks on during a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Feb. 4. (Aaron Gash / Associated Press)

Reports have linked the Lakers to Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic, but Coach Byron Scott had little to say about any potential deals the Lakers might make before Thursday's NBA trade deadline (12 p.m. PST).

"You'd have to talk to [General Manager] Mitch [Kupchak].  That's not my job," Scott said after practice on Wednesday.  "My job is, get these guys ready for the second half."

The Lakers (13-40) have been off since Wednesday for the All-Star break.  They play again on Friday at Staples Center against the Brooklyn Nets (21-31).

"The first time I talked to Mitch since the break started, was this morning before our practice.  I just stuck my head in and said hello to him, came out and left and got to work," said Scott.  "We haven't talked about anything as far as trade rumors or things like that."

"I'm sure he's probably getting phone calls and making phone calls, but I don't talk to him unless he's ready to talk to me," continued Scott.

Where do the Lakers need to improve?

Where don't the Lakers need to improve?

"We have to get stronger at every position.  There's no one position right now that I can say I'm totally satisfied with.  That's going to take time, you have to do it piece by piece," said Scott.  "I'm going to allow [owner/executive] Jim [Buss] and Mitch to do what they do best."

Scott acknowledged that he hears rumors here and there through the media, but doesn't give it much thought.

"I think about it real briefly, then I forget about it ... I don't pay a ton of attention to it.

Wayne Ellington (upset stomach) missed practice on Wednesday, although Jordan Hill (hip) and Nick Young (foot) were able to participate, even running suicides with the team as Scott pushed the squad to get back into shape after the break.

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