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You won't be able to buy bottled water anymore at these California ski resorts

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows think you should be drinking mountain-fresh water from the tap when you're on the slopes. So they're ditching bottles and installing taps where you can fill up instead.

The Lake Tahoe-area sister resorts say they're the first in the U.S. ski world to get rid of single-use plastic bottles that clog landfills -- and they hope others will follow.

Drink Mountain Tap, as the campaign is known, makes water available to skiers and snowboarders at 20 refill stations across both resorts, according to a statement. Stations with fresh water from nearby mountains were installed in November and December, and water bottle sales are being phased out.

And guess what won't be there?

The 28,000 plastic bottles that get thrown away in the garbage, according to company estimates. Guests save money too because they won't be shelling out for bottled water.

(If you forget to bring a reusable bottle, you can buy one for around $3.)

The resorts partnered with Mizu, an eco-conscious water bottle maker run by pro snowboarder Jussi Oksanen, which runs a campaign called "Protecting Where We Play." Mizu donated five of the refill taps.

So drink up -- for free.


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