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Admission to go up at national parks on Hawaii's Big Island and Maui

Entrance fees at two of Hawaii’s national parks will increase Monday, although the admission price remains modest compared with other attractions.

The increases will occur in stages at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano is spewing lava, and at Haleakala National Park on Maui, a dormant volcanic crater.

Beginning June 1, the per-vehicle fee will increase from $10 to $15. It will climb to $20 in 2016 and $25 in 2017.

Motorcyclists will pay $10 starting June 1, $15 in 2016 and $20 in 2017.

Pedestrians and bicyclists will be charged $8 beginning next week, with increases to $10 next year and $12 in 2016.

Up until now, with one exception, camping at various sites within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has been free. Now a fee of $10 per site per night will go into effect June 1.

Officials said the increases are in line with fees already charged at other national parks with similar amenities. The added revenue will help fund improvements in both...

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New luxury hotel in Cuba to offer Wi-Fi in every room

Cuba's first hotel to offer Wi-Fi in every room won't be in Havana but rather at a beach resort in Cayo Coco on the north side of the island nation.

French company Accor Hotels, which operates international brands Sofitel, Pullman and Novotel, last week made the Wi-Fi promise in announcing that it plans to open the luxury Pullman Cayo Coco Hotel in November.

The hotel is to have 518 rooms and face a long stretch of Los Colorados Beach.

The idea of a luxury resort with Wi-Fi is part of making Cuba more attractive to visitors. Recently relaxed rules for U.S. travelers have opened the door to American interest, but just how much do we want to go?

Travel agency company Travel Leaders Group recently asked more than 3,300 Americans whether they would be interested in visiting Cuba if all U.S. government restrictions were lifted.

Eight percent of U.S. respondents said "I'd go immediately" -- a figure up slightly from 2014 findings.

Thirty-five percent said they would consider going, an increase...

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Get out that wacky costume and get ready for world cup in pond skimming

Pond skimmers, mark your calendar for May 23, 2016. That's the day Ski Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine at Banff National Park in Canada plans to hold the world's first Pond Skimming World Cup. 

The event co-sponsored by Powder magazine will be part of the resorts' 88th pond-skimming competition called the Slush Cup. But what contenders really need to think about is this: What will they wear?

Don't know what pond skimming is? Skiing magazine describes it as an event "wherein spring snow enthusiasts strive to cross a small and very cold body of water on skis, usually while dressed as, say, giant hot dogs or robots." Or wearing a bikini, or a rabbit costume. You get the picture.

Ski resorts from east to west  fill up a pool at the end of a run and watch skiers hit the water. The object isn't so much to ski to the other side of the "pond" as it is to -- pardon the pun -- make a splash. 

The Canadian ski resort announced last week that qualifying events for the new "world cup"  would take place...

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Raging Waters delivers coaster thrills with new Aqua Rocket water slide

Southern California’s first water coaster takes riders on a water park slide that mimics the ups and downs of a traditional roller coaster with the help of magnetic propulsion.

I rode the Aqua Rocket water coaster at Raging Waters San Dimas on Saturday under slate grey skies that kept the air temperature about the same as the water temperature (both in the mid-60s).

To say the least, the first splashdown was a bit chilly. But by the seventh ride, my body had adjusted to the temperature and I could have ridden Aqua Rocket all day. It was that fun.

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Some members of the Raging Waters lifeguard crew have ridden Aqua Rocket more than 100 times during test runs, putting the new water slide through more than 3,500 cycles before opening the attraction to the public in time for Memorial Day weekend.

I climbed into the four-person toboggan-style bobsled raft, leaned against the backrest and grabbed onto the hand holds as we...

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Deal: Thompson Hotels coming to Cabo San Lucas with 20% opening discount
Get ready, get set, get out those cameras for the reader photo issue