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Will you need a visa to go to Europe this summer? That's a definite maybe.

Question: My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe this summer. I recently read that the European Union may not allow visa-free travel for U.S. citizens. Does this mean we’ll need to get visas for the countries we plan to visit?

Murray Zichlinsky


Answer: At this point, the answer is a definite maybe. There is no clear-cut response to Zichlinsky’s question — not yet anyway.

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Bike, walk. Jump on a scooter or a skateboard. And then you get beer (or other rewards) for saving the planet

If you love pedaling or walking, skateboarding or using a foot-powered scooter when you explore a destination, a new app rewards you for leaving the car behind and helping the environment.

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An e-bike is not the only answer for the less-than-enthusiastic cyclist

Regarding “Riding an E-bicycle: Big Change, Big Charge,” by Valli Herman, April 9: Although electric bicycles may equalize riders in a group, another way to level the cycling field is to use multi-use trails on former rail corridors.

By exploring the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy offerings, riders can find numerous paths all over the country that follow less than a 3% grade.

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Ischia, the setting for 'My Brilliant Friend,' is also a brilliant choice for a respite

The 17-square-mile volcanic island of Ischia, a 90-minute ferry ride from Naples on Italy’s west coast, was a different world 60 years ago for Elena, the narrator of Elena Ferrante’s popular four-book series detailing the lifelong friendship of two women.

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Does travel planning leave you scratching your head? Try

Here’s a website than can answer that age-old question, “Where’s a good place to go?”


What it does: It’s a no-frills online tool for getting travel inspiration. The front page has three simple settings: What months do you want to travel, how far away from home would you like to go, and are you looking for colder or warmer weather? Set your choices and click the play button.

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On some cruise lines, there are no wallflowers, thanks to gentlemen hosts. How do you get to be one of those guys?

Attention, silver foxes and dapper Dans: An entertaining opportunity awaits on the high seas. Qualifications: You must know the fox trot, rumba and assorted other ballroom dances. And it helps if you’re charming.

These men are called “gentlemen hosts” or “ambassador hosts,” and their purpose is to sweep single women off their feet — on the dance floor.

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