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Expect Spinner dolphins to come along for the ride on this Hawaiian day cruise

There may be six of you on this newest sail in Hawaiian waters, but there will be many more of ... them.

And by “them,” we mean adorable marine mammals that swim alongside the Riva, a 34-foot sloop operated by Kohala Sail & Sea.

The company began operating cruises earlier this summer from the new Kawaihae South Small Boat Harbor, about 15 minutes from the North Kohala resorts and 45 minutes from Kailua-Kona...

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After the killing of Cecil the lion, Delta Air Lines says it won't ship hunting trophies
You'll see polar bear mothers and cubs on this tour of Canada's coastal tundra

Polar bears may be a threatened species, but they're still familiar visitors in Canada's Hudson Bay region, where you can see them in their natural environment. Six-night summer tours by Churchill Wild focus on mothers and cubs, transporting participants to a coastal tundra lodge in the heart of polar bear denning areas. Guests take part in guided walking tours that offer ground-level photo opportunities....

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