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Web Buzz: might fit sportsmen to a tee is a tempting site for the destination golfer, with more features to come

Here's a smoother, more modern way to book your tee time at golf courses around the world.


What it does: This website lets you plan and book golf games in the United States and 47 countries from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Create a profile and make a wish list of courses you hope to play.

What's hot: It's a tempting site for the destination golfer. Scroll down the home page beneath the search bar to see featured golfing destinations in Da Nang, Vietnam; Cape Town, South Africa; and Hua Hin, Thailand, to name a few. There are plenty of course photos, a map and lists of amenities and weather reports, plus the opportunity for golfers to rate and review the courses à la Yelp or TripAdvisor. Users can make instant bookings in California, Arizona and Nevada.

What's not: You're getting just a sneak peek at features. For example, by year's end you should be able to search by city or individual course rather than by just a list of destinations. Also, there were tabs for "Views and Vistas," "Caddies" and "Luxe," among others, but they did not link to a list of results. Hold tight. They're working on it.

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