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Video: Characters and places

People can make a place. When Times staff writer Christopher Reynolds found these characters with his video camera in 2010, one sang the praises of Baja's surf breaks and stray dogs, one recalled his 7,000 trips down a Hawaiian volcano and one compared himself to "Rain Man" on the way to the southern tip of Africa. And let's not forget the San Francisco tour guide who saw 400 Grateful Dead shows yet remembers enough to tell the tale.

The characters and videos:

She loves the Haight
Place: San Francisco
Person: Izu Interlandia, guide, Haight Ashbury Flower Power Tours
A pueblo grows on the Baja coast
Place: Todos Santos, Mexico
Person: Andy Keller, co-owner of the San Pedrito Surf Hotel, Pescadero, Baja California Sur
Maui, top to bottom
Place: Haleakala volcano, Maui
People: Everett Bennett, left, and Joshua Sisson, guides, Cruiser Phil's Volcano Riders
Cape crusader
Place: Cape Town, South Africa
Person: Rob Salmon, owner, Cape Convoy Tours
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