‘Second Opinion,’ Episode 6: Coronavirus at the White House

“Second Opinion,” a new discussion series produced by L.A. Times Studios in conjunction with the Los Angeles Times newsroom, takes you to the forefront of medical research and conversations about health, science and technology.

Our sixth episode of “Second Opinion” covers a story dominating the 2020 presidential race in its final, remaining weeks: President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and the spread of the coronavirus through the White House. For this discussion, Los Angeles Times Executive Chairman Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong speaks with Michael A. Genovese, president of Loyola Marymount University’s Global Policy Institute. A professor of political science and international relations, Genovese will offer insight on how presidential health has intersected with political life through American history. Also joining us will be Dr. William Lang, a former White House physician who ran the White House medical unit under President George W. Bush. Finally, the episode will feature Dr. Soon-Shiong’s analysis of the facts surrounding Trump’s medical treatment, and what they may suggest about his illness.

Michael A. Genovese is a professor of political science at Loyola Marymount University, and is president of the university’s Global Policy Institute. Genovese has written more than 50 books, many focused on the American presidency. His most recent book is “How Trump Governs.” He holds a PhD in political science.

Dr. William Lang was deputy physician to Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, and directed the White House Medical Unit under Bush. He later served as a senior medical officer at the Department of Homeland Security, where he coordinated planning for disasters, including pandemics. Today, he is chief medical officer of WorldClinic, a concierge-style telemedicine company.