Johnny Weir loves Balenciaga bags, supports same-sex marriage and addresses that Kate Gosselin rumor

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Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir is flamboyant and proud of it. He’ll never leave his home in Lyndhurst, N.J., without his turquoise Balenciaga work bag and Linda Farrow sunglasses.

No one can deny that the figure skater causes a sensation whether he hits the ice or the red carpet with his Ziggy Stardust outfits, gravity-defying pompadour and war paint. But Weir’s ostrich feathers and reported diva-like behavior might overshadow his accomplishments -- Weir placed sixth overall at the Vancouver Winter Olympics -- and generated less than favorable publicity.

Weir will be the guest of honor at a cocktail fundraiser for Equality California, in support of marriage for same-sex couples, on Sunday (April 18) at the Lloyd Wright’s Sowden house in Los Feliz.

All the Rage caught up with Weir in advance of his appearance to chat about his other passion besides figure skating: “I love style, and I love fashion.” he says. “I walk down the street in Lancaster, Pa. [his hometown], completely decked out.’


You love fashion. Any prospect for Johnny ‘Wear” to hit the racks?
I definitely want to get a clothing line off the ground, but I need a lot of leg work. You don’t want to be somebody that has someone else make them a line of clothing and put their name on it. I want to be sewing buttons and putting fur trim on things myself.

Which designers would you emulate?

I really admire Gareth Pugh, Viktor & Rolf, Karl Lagerfeld -- avant-garde designers but still sort of mainstream. I wouldn’t be that person that has a Wonderbra with leather cones coming off the shoulder with boobies selling at Patricia Field in New York. I want to have mass appeal.
I collect Chanel even if I can’t wear it. I have these beautiful 1950s and 1960s jackets. I would have to have the buttons switched over to the other side, but I collect them more like art pieces.

Who has great personal style?

I love the way John Galliano dresses. I love the way Lady Gaga dresses -- she’s a risk-taker. When you put a Swarovski crystal lobster on your head, you’ll get a sideways glance. The Russian pop singer Sergey Lazarev dresses in a way that wouldn’t be considered very masculine in the U.S., but in Russia he’s very masculine and fashionable -- he’s how a quintessential male should dress.

You never leave home without?

I got a Balenciaga turquoise bag from my agent -- I like making a statement and a man carrying a turquoise bag is a statement.

I always have sunglasses on even if it’s raining. Vintage Linda Farrow. Lots of Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton glasses.

If I go out, I’ll put a little bit of eyeliner on. Definitely MAC makeup [Weir did a photo shoot for the cosmetic brand on Wednesday]. I get my nails polished every week and use Nars clear polish. There’s nothing worse than a person with grody dirty nails.

Favorite spots in L.A?

I love Maxfield on Melrose. Traffic in the Beverly Center. I go to Koi to eat and the Ivy.
Are you still wearing your signature pompadour?

Today I’m rocking a big curly pompadour. Some days I wear pigtails. Some days I rock a full mullet. I like to have a different look everyday. My friends are never bored.

Why do you support Equality California?

Marriage equality. There are people who think a union between two men or two women is a sin. There are people who think [same-sex couples] should have equal rights as a married couple but not have the marriage in the church. There are people who want full rights for gay people. For me, everyone should be free to do whatever they want, whatever they believe in. If I can lend my name to a group or cause that’s fighting for that freedom, then I’m more than happy to do it.

Are you planning on getting married?

For me, marriage is not on my horizon. I’m a very difficult person to live with. I have to keep a schedule. I’m very driven, so I don’t know if I’ll ever get married.

Who are you rooting for on ‘Dancing With the Stars?’

I am actually not watching the show. There was a rumor going around that I chose to not to do ‘Dancing’ because Kate Gosselin was on the show -- that’s completely not true. I didn’t do the show because I wasn’t invited [laughs].

-- Max Padilla


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