Burning Questions: Just who is T-Mobile’s stylish new 4G girl, and who made that pink-and-white dress?


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If you’ve seen T-Mobile’s new TV ad campaign, you probably got a chuckle out of the fact that it manages to deftly mock Apple’s own Mac vs. PC ads by casting the iPhone and the AT&T network as a haggard pair of piggybacking fellows and the T-Mobile myTouch 4G as a comely lass in an eye-catching pink-and-white dress. You may even have wondered aloud -- as my better half did -- what ‘4G’ (which refers to the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards) actually means.

Although I can’t help you on that front (it turns out that defining 4G -- like beauty -- depends on who you ask), I have gotten to the bottom of a couple other burning questions. Namely, who is the gal working the Anne Hathaway meets Kim Basinger look? And who made the dress she’s wearing?


As trivial as they might seem, over the last few weeks these two facts have been the subject of a good

deal of conjecture in cyberspace -- which I quickly found out when I started to poke around. According to a T-Mobile representative, the standout pink-and-white dress was a custom-made, vintage-silhouette-inspired dress designed by Debra LeClair, the stylist who worked on the campaign and photo shoot.

As for the woman rocking said frock? Sorry to disappoint the substantial number of folks online who seem convinced that it’s the soon-to-be Mrs. Donald Draper from ‘Mad Men’ (a.k.a. actress Jessica Paré), but her name is actually Carly Foulkes, a model whose face may feel familiar since she’s appeared in a spate of Rugby Ralph Lauren ads.

But it turns out Paré and Foulkes have more in common than just a certain look -- both hail from north of the border; Paré was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Foulkes is from Toronto.

-- Adam Tschorn

T-Mobile’s ‘Piggyback’ commercial.