Bacon: Put it in ice cream


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Bacon4 David Leibovitz’s story in this week’s Food section, “31 Flavors? Think Outside the Carton, Homemade Ice Cream Lovers,” definitely fires up the imagination when it comes to the wonderful world of ice cream, what with flavors like buckwheat and carrot cake.

But what really piqued my interest was a recipe from his blog, David Leibovitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris. The former Chez Panisse pastry chef and author of “The Perfect Scoop” has a recipe for candied bacon ice cream.


Yes. Candied bacon ice cream.

And yes. I had to try it. Couldn’t help myself.

Truly amazing! The ice cream has a thick custard base sweetened with brown sugar, with just a little extra flavoring from rum or whiskey (we chose whiskey) and vanilla (you’ve also got the option of adding a little ground cinnamon for added spice). Churn the base until it’s almost frozen, then fold in some chopped fresh candied bacon and freeze. The results? Perfection.

Try it on its own or be creative. David suggests adding the candied bacon bits to homemade coffee ice cream or even avocado ice cream. I’m thinking next time I might just scoop a little of this goodness over a nice, hot waffle with a drizzle of maple syrup. Redefine breakfast a little.

In the meantime, this gets No. 27 on my list of 1,001 things to do with bacon.

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— Noelle Carter

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