Say it ain’t so -- the Giants could win the World Series

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Oh, the pain. Oh, the utter indignity of it all.

The Giants are going to the World Series. Some nightmares really can become too real.

The Giants and their Halloween-colored uniforms and their wine-sipping fans are going to the World Series.

This provides the answer to the heretofore never imagined question: How do you turn the entire city of Los Angeles into Texas Rangers fans?


And until today, I don’t think I ever met a Texas Rangers fan.

Ugh, I may not even watch. Unless, of course, I hear the Rangers are spanking their little black-and-orange fannies.

Now I grant you the Dodgers-Giants rivalry is not what it once was in terms of obvious venom, at least from the southern half. I’m not sure why so many in L.A. have lost their Giants despising zeal.

For me, it remains very real, if only because it adds some spice to the season, it’s fun and I love how Bay Area types take themselves so seriously. Juan Marichal-John Roseboro happened yesterday for me.

I was at a local Division-III football game Saturday night, and when the PA guy announced the Giants had won, it was actually greeted by a spattering of applause. I popped up and told them all to leave immediately.

The Giants have been hiding in the fog since 1958. Haven’t won a single World Series since moving to San Francisco from New York. Meanwhile, down in blissfully beautiful L.A., the Dodgers have won five. It’s such a great thing.

But somebody is going to make history. The Rangers had never even won a postseason series until this year.

Some city is going to get its first World Series championship. Guess it would be a great day for the long-suffering types, except one of the possibilities are those garlic-fries-reeking Giants.


I don’t know much about the Rangers, except they have Cliff Lee and the Dodgers don’t. They play in Ft. Worth, like to call it Dallas-Fort Worth and call themselves the Texas Rangers. When you have that kind of identity crisis, it’s no wonder you can’t find you way to the postseason.

No matter, I am now a huge fan of the Rangers, whoever they are. Go kick some City by the Bay butt. Find your inner Scott Spiezio.

It was a miserable enough season for Dodgers fans, but World Champion San Francisco Giants would be too much to bear. I feel so dirty just having written it.

-- Steve Dilbeck