Really, now the Giants want the Dodgers to make nice?


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Memo to the San Francisco Giants:

Celebrate on your own time. Pat yourselves on the back as scheduled. Don’t suddenly look south to your arch enemies and expect applause.

Hey, you won the World Series. Congratulations, you earned it. Be proud and all. I’m just so happy for you.


Only don’t expect the baseball schedule and the Dodgers to bow in ceremony.

Somehow it was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea that ESPN and Major League Baseball want to move the Giants’ 2011 season opener at Dodger Stadium to San Francisco.

Now isn’t that sweet? Unveil your new banner at home in the season opener at Telephone Company Of The Week Park.

While the Dodgers look on in the visiting dugout. Robbed of opening the season at home as scheduled. Probably missing out on a Clayton Kershaw-Tim Lincecum matchup.

Of all the teams in all the towns in all the world, the Giants have to ask the Dodgers to walk into their joint March 31?

It was hard enough for Dodgers fans to humbly sit by and watch the Giants’ unexpected title -- guess it was unexpected, or MLB originally would have scheduled their season to start at home -- but now they’re supposed to bend over backward to accommodate the Giants’ party?

I don’t think so. Exactly what is in it for the Dodgers? Outside of an extra chartered flight and hotel stay in San Francisco? Hasn’t anyone heard the Dodgers are carefully watching their expenses these days?

According to Shea, the plan is for the teams to play the one game in San Francisco, then hop a flight to Los Angeles to play the four-game series at Dodger Stadium as scheduled. Which would essentially mean opening the season with an odd five-game series.


The March 31 game would replace the April 11 game against the Dodgers in Frisco. (I don’t really ever say Frisco, I just enjoy using it because I know it annoys everyone from Frisco.)

Shea said the move would have to be approved by the players’ union. Almost like the Dodgers have no say in it. And you just know how thrilled they must be about all this.

This qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment of a staggering organization. There’s only so much humble pie you can ask one team to stomach.

The Giants’ home opener is currently scheduled for April 8 against the St. Louis Cardinals. Sounds swell. Make it a party. Hope it’s a real happening. I’m sure the Cardinals will be very cooperative.

Otherwise, leave the schedule and the Dodgers alone.


Steve Dilbeck