Comic-Con: ‘Spirit’ star Jaime King guest blogs

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Jaime King portrays Lorelei in the Frank Miller film ‘The Spirit,’ due on Christmas Day. She sent us this post from her BlackBerry as she wandered the showroom floor at Comic-Con.

Comic-Con is awesome! It makes me wish I was 15 again when I would have the balls to wear a Leia slave-girl outfit. This place is HUGE! With a lot to do and see.

Quite frankly, I would have been very happy being a selfish hog all huddled up in the Lucasfilm booth playing the new video game ‘The Force Unleashed’ for 12 hours. But I was nice nice and surrendered that desire and gave up the paddles to all of the excited 12-year-olds that want to check it out. I moved on to my daily routine of attempting to convince director Dave Filoni to let me do a voice for the upcoming ‘Clone Wars’ series that I am so excited about. What’s the most obscure thing at Comic-Con? ‘Thundercats’? A 75-year-old Superman? A cast of midget Peanuts characters? The last one would be a dead ringer for Patrick Stewart from ‘X-Men’ being rolled around in a wheelchair.


There does seem to be some random booths here which don’t have anything to do with comics; slowly but surely the entertainment community is taking over to promote their projects here even though they have absolutely nothing to do with Comics. What’s next? A panel for ‘Deal or No Deal’? Still it’s awesome here, a wonderful, fun experience and about the only place you can get away with wearing the same Davy Jones outfit for five days straight without taking a shower. As an actress who has to get dolled up a lot, that’s a very liberating idea.

This is my fourth time here and each year I stay longer and longer. We buy lots of cool stuff to add to my husband’s comic book/figurine/art collection that I have joyfully adopted as my own. We could never have too much -- there is always more room in our garage, where we keep huge Tupperware containers filled with the overflow of all the wicked stuff that comes out each year.

It’s great coming down to promote ‘The Spirit’ with Frank Miller. Being with Frank at Comic-Con feels like walking around with Jesus himself. He is my dear friend and it’s great seeing him here surrounded by all the people who adore and appreciate his incredible talent. People here really enjoy themselves and and it’s amazing to see all the energy and effort they put into their costumes and standing in line to get the autographs and exclusives they want. I feel lucky to once again participate in something I enjoy and that is so close to my heart.

-- Jaime King