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I’ve been digging around in the dustier corners of the Los Angeles Times library this week and found some great stuff tucked away in the ragged manila folders. Here’s one on the right: It’s an April 1966 photograph of Bob Holiday, the singing star of ‘It’s a’s a’s Superman!’ which lasted for 129 performances at the Alvin Theatre on Broadway.

Now, here are your hand-picked fanboy headlines for today, starting off with another heroic Broadway effort...

Julie Taymor’s proposed Spider-Man musical for next year is the hot talk on the Great White Way. Michael Riedel reports that its budget has swelled to $40 million, making it the most expensive theater production ever. [Broadway Matinee column, NY Post]


No Country for Old Men’ and ‘W’ star Josh Brolin is in talks to ride in the saddle as Jonah Hex, the disfigured Old West bounty hunter from DC Comics. [Variety]

Is anyone out there still rich? If so, you can spend $60,000 to get the designers at Lego to make a customized, life-sized version of you and a friend. It brings new meaning for the term ‘wealthy blockhead,’ doesn’t it? [Reuters]

Robert Ebele review: ‘City of Ember’ looks good but it can’t seem to shake off the dust: ‘The rigors of inspired storytelling can’t live up to an imaginatively designed filmic world.’ [Los Angeles Times]...but Harry Knowles says the movie is compelling albeit a bit elusive. ‘It’s a film that allows its story to unfold as a mystery found, rather than pursued.’ [Ain’t It Cool News]

The lizard kings: The alien-invasion tale ‘V’ from the 1980s will be resurrected by ABC and reimagined as a series by Scott Peters, the co-creator and executive producer of ‘The 4400.’ The axis of the show is ‘a Homeland Security agent with an aimless son who’s got problems. When the aliens arrive, her son gloms on to them — causing tension within the family.’ [Variety]

‘In brightest day, in blackest night, no rumor shall escape my sight...’ Who will wear Green Lantern’s ring on the big screen? El Mayimbe says Warner Bros. covets Canadian-born Ryan Gosling, the Oscar nominee of ‘Half Nelson’ and star of ‘The Notebook.’ [Lation Film Review]

Ed Park review: The founding editor of ‘Believerappraises a new collection of stories by sci-fi author Howard Waldrop and warns casual fans that it has ‘so many ultraspecific cultural moments that the unwary reader might contemplate suing for whiplash.’ [Astral Weeks blog, Los Angeles Times]

British Invasion podcast: Dave Gibbons (artist on ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Martha Washington’) and Mark Buckingham (‘Fables’) are part of a panel of U.K. notables from the Birmingham International Comics Show 2008 this past weekend. [Word Balloon blog, Newsarama]


And a bit of Friday fun: Check out a faux trailer that mashes up the ‘Toy Story’ films and ‘The Dark Knight’ [Funny Pages 2.0 blog, Los Angeles Times]

-- Geoff Boucher