“Battlestar Galactica,” winning hearts and minds


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One of the best things about ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (and there are so many great things) is the careful attention to cultural details; most sci-fi sagas are consumed with conflict and gee-whiz technology and skimpy when it comes to creating a nuanced and believable backdrop. Not ‘Battlestar.’ There’s a real sense of history and a living, breathing society on the show. Whether it’s the subplots about labor disputes, religious debate or the aggressive media coverage of presidential politics, the show never presents anything as flat as the cardboard communities of too many other sci-fi tales.

I was thinking of all that when I saw these great propaganda posters made by Quantum Mechanix that recall (especially in their fonts) the classic American posters of World War II that urged the home front to work harder and the troops to keep their head in the game. There are also echoes of Soviet propaganda and German poster art as well. (I also like the clipped corners of the five posters below, a nod to the paper products used in the show.) These are fun, hope you enjoy them ... remember, the final episodes of ‘Battlestar’ begin on Jan. 16, and I can tell you that, after talking to episode director Michael Nankin, there are some BIG moments in that night’s show.

Want to see more of these great posters designed by Quantum’s Adam Levermore-Rich? Keep reading...

Special thanks to Andy Gore at Quantum Mechanix for taking the time to sending these over, and you should absolutely check out their cool array of playthings, collectibles and pop-art objects. And kudos to designer


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Also, for hard-core fans (and investors), have you seen the auction of ‘Battlestar’ props? Don’t click right here if you are an impulse buyer on a strict budget, but the idea of owning Colonel Tigh’s flask is just too tempting.

One more poster, a really nice one...

-- Geoff Boucher


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