Bryan Singer on ‘Logan’s Run’ remake: ‘I have decisions to make.’

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Remember when Bryan Singer (‘The X-Men,’ ‘Usual Suspects’) was all set to remake ‘Logan’s Run’? Well, Chris Lee, a feature writer at the Los Angeles Times and frequent Hero Complex contributor, was chatting with Singer for a story on the history of the Sundance Film Festival, and the tangential topic of ‘Logan’s’ came up. And, well, it doesn’t sound like the remake is going to survive through Carousel anytime soon.

‘At the moment, I haven’t decided. I really don’t know,’ Singer told Lee. ‘I’m taking a genuine break. The last four years have been really busy with the miniseries, the TV and the movies. I’m taking a few months to collect myself and figure out what I’m going to do in that regard. We did a lot of development on that movie and a lot of work. To start it up again, I wouldn’t start it up again without a full commitment. So I have decisions to make. Right now, that’s just hanging around.’


Remember the original film? If you haven’t seen it, think disco-toga utopia gone wrong...

Dated? Most certainly, but the plot has plenty to work with and a remake could also lean toward more toward the source material, the 1967 novel. I called producer Joel Silver’s office and while there was no definitive answer on the status of the movie, nothing I heard from his people suggested that the movie was ramping up. Silver at one point had announced that director Joseph Kosinski was taking over the project, but that plan fizzled and now Kosinski, a hot-shot from the television commercials field, is on the ‘Tron’ remake instead. Worse, the Michael Bay film ‘The Island’ in 2005 copped plenty of ‘Logan’s’ mojo with its plot of a controlled, futuristic paradise with beautiful but oblivious young people being fed lies about their true fate.

All things considered, if this remake had a palm crystal, it would be flashing red right now.

-- Geoff Boucher


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CREDIT: ‘Logan’s Run’ publicity still from the Los Angeles Times archives.