Comic-Con: David S. Goyer: It’s starting to feel like Sundance

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From ‘Hero Complex’ guest blogger David S. Goyer:

Nearing home from Comic-Con . . .

On the train ride back to Los Angeles, I sat with Joseph Fiennes and Courtney Vance, who are two of the actors on ‘FlashForward’ [the coming ABC series executive-produced by Goyer].

Both were bowled over by their first Comic-Con experience. And both appreciated the live interaction with the fans, which they’ve never really participated in.

Courtney managed to lose his wallet in the process, though, but my intrepid associate, Izzy, found it and raced it to the train station in the nick of time.


It’s been a long day for all. At one point, when we were on the main floor, Christine Woods (who
plays Janis on the show) turned to me with glazed eyes and said, ‘Yeah, I think I’m done now.’ She kind of had that thousand-yard stare on her face.

Most embarrassing moment of the day?

During the signing, a couple of autograph hounds asked me what part I play on ‘FlashForward.’ I said ‘Stanley Tucci’ (whom I am sometimes mistaken for).

The one thing I’ve seen over the years at Comic-Con -- and find disheartening -- is the increase of parties by studios and others. It’s becoming like Sundance. Everyone is vying to get into one party or another, which leaves virtually less room for comic creators.

Anyway, always an insane, inspiring experience. There’s nowhere else on Earth where creators can interact with their audiences in such amad, flash-mob kind of way. Humbling and a much-needed reminder of why we do this.

Some other tidbits I’ll remember:

My assistant Nellie got ‘manhandled’ by ‘someone in a really bad Joker costume.’

* * *

In the greenroom before our ‘FlashForward’ panel, there were spreads put out by the various studios sharing the same space. There was ABC food on one side, Warner Bros. food on the other.

I rationalized that since I’d worked on the Batman films, that entitled me to graze at the Warner buffet
table instead. But apparently security didn’t buy my argument and rebuffed me. So I sulked in the corner with a can of Red Bull and a bag of kettle chips.

Then I saw Hurley and nerd-gasmed.

* * *

Behind the stage during our panel, Dominic Monaghan wore a Godzilla mask so no one would
recognize him. It worked: He blended in unnoticed.

-- David S. Goyer