James video features Greuel and Garcetti look-alikes burying bodies

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Mayoral candidate Kevin James is releasing an eye-popping web video Wednesday morning castigating the frontrunners in the race, Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilman Eric Garcetti.

James, the sole Republican in the contest, has not been able to afford television advertising, and web videos rarely garner much attention.


But this spot, which features Greuel and Garcetti look-alikes burying what appears to be a dead body in a shallow grave, is likely to go viral.

The video plays upon a statement Greuel has made in debates: that she knows “where the bodies are buried,” which will help her reform City Hall as mayor.

James often retorts that Greuel knows where the bodies are buried because she buried them, and this video takes that message to a new level.

The look-alikes drive through an urban area before heading into a dark, rural landscape as a narrator says, “Meet Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, career politicians running for mayor of Los Angeles. Together they have been doing the dirty work in City Hall for over 22 years.”

The pair stop the car and take what appears to be a body wrapped in sheets out of the trunk and carry it into the woods. After they dump the body into a hole, they shovel dirt on top as the narrator names programs that James claims they have raided, such as the parking revenue fund, the water main and fire hydrant repair fund, and the sidewalk repair fund.

“You guessed it, six feet deep,” the narrator says.

Such money has gone toward their salaries, union pensions and redecorated offices, the narrator says, which has prompted special interests to spend millions on the frontrunners’ campaigns. (To date, Greuel has been the beneficiary of millions of dollars in outside spending, but not Garcetti.)


“When Wendy Greuel says that she knows where the bodies are buried, believe her,” the narrator concludes. “Because she and Eric Garcetti are the ones that buried them.”

Vociferous reaction from the Greuel and Garcetti camps is expected once the video goes public.


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