Your morning adorable: African lion cubs make their debut at Berlin Zoo

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We have ceased to be surprised when Germany’s Berlin Zoo debuts adorable baby animals. We’ve seen it so many times before -- with wolf pups, moose calves, jaguar cubs, caracal kittens, a black rhinoceros calf and more -- that we sometimes have to simply shake our heads and marvel at the cuteness of it all. But seeing the zoo’s youngest, most adorable residents never gets old.

This time around, the Berlin Zoo has introduced two African lion cubs, Nathan and Miron, to the baby-animal-loving world. The cubs were born Aug. 26, and zoo staff began bottle-feeding them when it became clear that they weren’t getting enough nourishment from their mother. Since then, they’ve grown a great deal -- the zoo reports that they’ve quadrupled their birth weight.

African lions cubs like these guys don’t become fully mature until they’re about 3 to 4 years old. When fully grown, little Nathan and Miron won’t be anywhere close to little any more -- they’re likely to weigh 400 pounds or more and measure about 6 feet in length (not counting their tails).

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-- Lindsay Barnett

1st-7th photos: Tobias Schwartz / Reuters

8th-9th photos: Martin Foerster / AFP/Getty Images