Video goodness: Cat in a banana-split costume eats a banana. No, you are not hallucinating

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How can one describe a video in which a cat wearing a banana-split costume eats a banana?

‘Bizarre’ doesn’t begin to cover it. ‘Oddly compelling’ comes closer. We’ve yet to put our finger on exactly what our reaction to this video should be, but we can’t look away.

YouTube user and smush-faced cat aficionado sweetfurx4 has stunned and befuddled us with her video collection of cats participating in themed eating exercises. There’s Cooper, above, a banana-loving 18-month-old Persian whom sweetfur describes as ‘a sweetheart who openly displays his affection for others with tongue baths and fluffy rubs/brushups.’ Then there’s Mochi, a Persian kitten who dresses as an apple while eating an apple. Last but not least, there’s Pancake, a year-old exotic shorthair who celebrated his recent birthday with a meal of ... you guessed it, pancakes. (More specifically, pancakes ‘topped with corn and tuna,’ because otherwise it would just be crazy.)

It’s a lot to take in.

But we recommend you give it a try, because this video has already brought us nearly as much joy as the video of a Shiba Inu puppy barking and howling in its sleep -- and that’s saying a lot.

If you share our odd fascination with these cats, we have good news for you: They are also the subject of a blog full of videos and photos of their exploits (and no, not all of them involve food).


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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: sweetfurx4 via YouTube